DCANZ looks forward to high quality FTA with the Pacific Alliance

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The Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ) is welcoming the announcement of a FTA negotiation with the Pacific Alliance.

“The New Zealand dairy industry has a long history of trade with Pacific Alliance countries” says DCANZ Executive Director Kimberly Crewther. “It’s good news to have a deal on the horizon that will support a further deepening of these trade relationships and put New Zealand on an equal footing with other dairy exporters.”

The Pacific Alliance includes Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Together these countries imported more than NZ3.5 billion dollars’ worth of dairy products (from all origins) in 2016.

The launch of this negotiation represents an early delivery of a milestone that had been identified in the New Zealand Trade Agenda 2030 strategy. It is also an important statement of commitment from a key group of countries to continued improvement in the environment for trade in the Pacific region.

“We look forward to an FTA agreement that delivers high quality and comprehensive outcomes for dairy and other sectors” says Crewther.

“This is an opportunity to demonstrate that a regionally leading deal can be negotiated quickly and to mutual benefit”.

DCANZ is pleased that the Labour Party has also given an early signal of support for the deal. A bi-partisan approach to trade has long been an important foundation in New Zealand’s economic success.