DCANZ Emphasises that the vast majority of New Zealand dairy products are not affected

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The Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ) has stressed that the vast majority of New Zealand dairy products are unaffected by the current whey protein related issue.

“The issue is limited to those products which contain WPC80 from the three affected Fonterra batches. Products which are not affected include Whole Milk Powder, Skim Milk Powder, fresh milk, UHT milk yoghurt, cheese, caseinate, butter, AMF and other spreads. Products which contain whey protein ingredients, other than from the affected batches of Fonterra WPC80, are also safe,” says DCANZ Executive Director, Kimberly Crewther.

DCANZ and its member companies are in close contact with New Zealand Government officials.

“Consumer health is a primary concern for all DCANZ members, and DCANZ supports the actions taken by the New Zealand Government and Fonterra to ensure consumer safety.

“Individual DCANZ members are in contact with their customers to reassure them on the status of the products they have been supplied. Over 95 percent of our dairy products are exported,” she says.

“What matters most are the steps taken to keep customers safe when an incident occurs,” says Ms Crewther. There have been no confirmed reports of any illness linked to consumption of the affected whey protein. Responsible action has been undertaken to recall product on a precautionary basis, she says.

“The potential implications for New Zealand’s international reputation and overseas market access are a concern. However, New Zealand has high food safety standards and New Zealand dairy products have a strong track record. Our expectation is that it should be business as usual for unaffected products,” says Ms Crewther.

For further information contact:

Kimberly Crewther, Executive Director tel: (04) 471 6902

About DCANZ:

The Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand (DCANZ) was formed in July 2003 to co-ordinate and represents the collective public policy interests of its member dairy companies.

Its members comprise, Tatua Co-operative Dairy Company Limited, Westland Milk Products, Fonterra Brands (NZ) Ltd, Goodman Fielder Ltd, Synlait Milk Limited, Open Country Dairies Ltd, Miraka Ltd, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited, Gardians and Dairy Goat Co-operative.